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5 Tips To Survive Working From Home

It’s officially six months since lockdown started taking place across the country and the transition to remote work began. 💻⠀

But what started as an awesome opportunity to slow down and have a healthier relationship with work is causing severe burnout and difficulty switching off.⠀

Here are five tips to help you survive (and thrive) WFH life:⠀
• Get dressed. It’s hard for your brain to get the memo that it’s work time if you’re in bed or still wearing pajamas. Have some routine and prepare like you would as if you were going to the office.⠀
• Make a designated workspace: by having a dedicated corner where work happens, guess what? Work is likelier to happen.⠀
• Go outside. You need sunshine for health reasons, but fresh air and the outdoors can help boost productivity. Plus, it’s a nice change of scenery and you get to interact with actual people if you happen to walk six feet past any. #socialdistancing
• Schedule breaks, meals, and snacks. Don’t be that person who works for hours without getting up for even a water break. Schedule in breaks or use hacks like the Pomodoro Method to help you take time away from work regularly.⠀
• Turn it off. This one’s hard, but it’s the number one reason work can feel endless. Have a time of the day where you turn everything off and clock out remotely.⠀

Now that that’s out of the way, the important stuff. What’s everyone snacking on? 🧃

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