Video Chat


Fully Secured Video Conferencing

Video Chats

Peer to Peer in-browser video calls. No time limit & over 50+ users on call.


In-browser messaging, group and private messaging.


Corporate townhalls, meetings, and marketing events.

High Definition

Clarity of calls, high definition quality in-browser experience.

A safer option to make video calls

End-to-end encryption

Casters’ end-to-end encryption prevents your calls from being watched by anyone outside of your call.  Calls are encrypted by our servers & cannot be decrypted. Our video bridge encrypts, and relays video, rather than mixing them.  

In-Browser Video Calls

Your world has never been this close to you. Caster lets you simply connect with anyone anywhere in the world.  Real time, high definition video & sound that rivals most.  

Unlimited Time Limits

Caster is 100% free to use and doesn’t require an account, or pay as you go funding.  We don’t limit your bandwidth or usage on Caster you are free to use it as long as you like.

Simply Connect

Click, Connect, & Chat

Easily make calls with
Google Chrome Browser

Easily make video calls with friends and family.  Caster is fully compatible on the Google Chrome Browser.  

How does Caster compare?

A click of a button is all it takes to start a call.

100% free.

Up to 1,000 users &
15,000 calls.

Worldwide reach, speak to anyone anywhere.

Peer to peer encryption & and advanced security.