Code Signing Certificate

Put your stamp
on all your software & drivers

Code Signing Plans

Code Signing Certificate

$ 479
99 Per Year
  • Validates and Secures Your Code
  • Eliminates Security Warnings During Download and Installation
  • Protects With
    High-Grade SHA-2 Encryption
  • Includes Free Malware Scanner

Driver Signing Certificate

$ 479
99 Per Year
  • Required for all Microsoft® Hardware Drivers, Windows Vista® or Later
  • Validates and Secures Your Code
  • Eliminates Security Warnings During Download and Installation
  • Provides High-Grade SHA-2 Encryption
  • Reinforces Security With Cross-Certificate Validation
  • Includes Free Malware Scanner

Code Signing Certificates:

• You can digitally sign your software, dive drivers, and more.
• Eliminate any “Unidentified Publisher” warnings you may receive.
• Give your code authentication.

Driver Signing Certificates:

• Allow your software to be used on any Windows® operating system.
• Give your users confidence by showing that you can be trusted.
• You can digitally sign your software, device drivers, and more.

A lot can happen when you finally decide to share your code online.  It can be stolen, hacked or not installed
due to lack of authentication. Our signing certificates can make life a little easier by protecting you and your users.

Protection is our business

Give your code validation
with our simple certs.

Make sure your code is safe from corruption, hacking, infection, and ensure that your customers can trust you.  Having your program release hacked can lead to problems and could make it difficult for any future releases. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Code Signing Cert?

A Code signing certificate is a digital signature used on software and executable files. A signature can help a developer prove their identity.

Why would I need this?

This is mainly used by software developers who produce their content and don’t want their code corrupted by hackers or any third parties.  Content Publishers also tend to take advantage of our signing certificates to digitally sign firmware, virus updates and components.

What do I do once I have a certificate?

Once a customer purchases a certificate they have to submit a signing request from the computer that will sign the code.  You will be able to create the request automatically or OpenSSL.  

How will customers know my code is trusted!

Anytime someone tries to download an unsigned program their browser will warn them of suspicious software.  Adding a digital signature to your code avoids this from happening.