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Lebanon Relief Organizations To Support

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It’s been six weeks since the deadly explosion in Lebanon that resulted in nearly 6,700 casualties.⠀

Here are four organizations you can donate to in support of Beirut victims and their families:⠀

– URDA (Union of Relief & Developmental Associations), URDA started a fundraising initiative to help people on the ground and send an emergency appeal to support Lebanon so they can rebuild with dignity.⠀

– Lebanese Red Cross, @lebaneseredcross: The Lebanese Red Cross has been providing ambulatory services since the day of the explosion and is supporting the most vulnerable victims with door-to-door distribution and medical support.⠀

– Impact Lebanon, @impact.lebanon: Impact Lebanon launched a fundraiser to receive donations and transfer funds to local NGOs with ongoing initiatives to address the crisis. All NGOs go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure donations are used appropriately.⠀

– UN World Food Program USA, @wfpusa: Grain stocks and bread ran out within days of the explosion. A donation here can help feed a family for a month.

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